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One Stop Chinese Wedding Shop In SS2, Petaling Jaya. Chinese Wedding Accessories , Betrothal , Dowry and Wedding Door Gift. Best Chinese Wedding supplier in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

From betrothal to dowry, bed-setting or hair combing items and etc, we have it all. Unsure about the customs and cultures? No worry as One Plus One has it all too and we are ready and happy enough to guide any new couple through without any sweat.

Having a smooth wedding is the highest priority, we will make sure it does.

Premium Products and Services with affordable price.

It is call Essential with reasons. It may be 21st century, but the traditional customs and practices have been in heritage for centuries. From ancestor to parents, practicing cultures is a wonderful, respectful way towards partner and to parents.

It is our duties to carry out these customs to be true to our cultural roots and let it bloom in the family trees!

We carry high quality trendy products and cost friendly too.

We also provide Balloon decoration services to our customer range various type of events.

Retain Traditional


Customer Friendly

Premium Quality

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a happy and worry free wedding.